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Fehlertolerante Suche mit Elasticsearch


Fehlertolerante Suche mit Elasticsearch - Ergebnisse trotz Tippfehler

Many companies have thousands of documents that contain important information. In order to access this data, you must search through the documents manually. The search is very time-consuming. Especially when technical terms such as medical terms or terms with different spellings occur, searched information is often not found. Here we look at why search engines and enterprise search are becoming so popular in today's business world, as well as some of the benefits companies may expect from implementing enterprise search. In this example the search engine Elasticsearch is used.

What is Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is

  • a distributed search and also analytics engine
  • a NoSQL database
  • written in Java (based on Lucene like Solr)
  • a scalable web application (simple RESTful interface) with a resilient architecture
  • in the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana)

The license model of Elasticsearch was changed and therefore Elasticsearch is not available as open source software. That's why the OpenSearch project was launched in 2021. As license OpenSearch chooses now as usual the open source license Apache 2.0.